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Conservatory Valet

If your conservatory has begun to look tired, faded and even sun damaged. Why not get its shine back with our Rejuvenating Valet service?

We understand that a conservatory can be left may years without being professionally cleaned, that’s why we offer a premium service above all others. The outside of the conservatory is pre treated with our specialist conservatory cleaner to begin breaking down grime.

The complete cleaning including panes, roof bars, crestings and end caps to see what we have to polish. One the polishing on the roof has been completed we will rinse the roof and clear the gutters of debris. The side frames, sills and gutters are then cleaned, polished and dried by hand to leave a refreshed finish. All glass can then be deeply cleaned and polished where required before being rinsed with pure water. Window sills are then polished and dried.

If required we can now apply a protective coating to the exterior.

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